The Rise of Online Bingo Games and the Times

Let’s talk about a good ‘ole classic game - a game that has proven to stay in existence decade after decade. A tell-tale sign that a game is actually worth playing is seeing how long it has been around. If it has been around long enough to surpass generations and is still popular today, then chances are that it’s a really good one. One of these games is bingo. You yourself may have played this at one point in your life or is still playing it to this day. This game of chance is simple in concept, yet has been appealing to people of all ages ever since it started back in the 1920’s at a traveling carnival near Atlanta, Georgia. Apart from the classic version, online bingo games are now available for everyone to enjoy at PHP-365 online bingo sites. This kind of online bingo gambling experience is great for many types of players. The online bingo gaming market is not limited only to a certain demographic. Online bingo gambling is widely used today and its popularity seems to keep on growing. The game of bingo is enjoyed by all kinds of players. There are players who just like to play online bingo games while relaxing on the couch. There are some who might go into online bingo games to pass the time. There are also some who will go for online bingo gambling to win real money. Whichever kind of player of online bingo games you are, it is high time for you to find out more about them.

What are online bingo games?

The development of Internet technology over the years has had a lot of positive effect in the world as a whole. In particular, online bingo gambling in its little world is an offshoot of the many gambling games that have been transformed and optimized in order to be accessed online. In a nutshell, online bingo games are the computerized versions of the classic bingo game that uses bingo cards. In a traditional game of bingo, the game host, also known as the caller will draw random numbers then call them out loudly or over the microphone. The player matches the number being called out with the numbers printed on the card. It can be very exciting when the number called out matches the numbers on your card. Most players would purchase numerous cards to increase their chances of having the same numbers and of course, hitting bingo and winning the game.

As such, when playing bingo, a player can play with multiple cards at the same time, increasing his chances of winning. A player wins when all the numbers called out are arranged on his card in a row, depending on the position that was declared for that round. There is a pattern that is arranged ahead of time for every set of game until someone completes that pattern and shouts bingo! And so the winning player then shouts out “Bingo!” to let the caller know that he has a possible winning card. At this point, the alleged winner is hoping to have all numbers right while the rest of players pray that he is not the winner so they can play some more.

This will then prompt the caller and game assistants to verify the numbers. If all is confirmed, that player gets the much desired prize. Once a winner has been declared, it is officially the end for that round. The players then clear their number cards of the markers – usually tiles or chips, and the caller starts a new round of the game. So basically bingo is a game of chance and a race among the players on who gets to complete the row first. It is often referred to as a social game because a lot of people are attracted to playing them and actually, many players take part in the games with much enthusiasm and excitement.

Now, online bingo games, on the other hand, don’t make use of physical bingo cards but the excitement and energy are all too familiar – much like in a physical bingo venue. Since it is a game of bingo that can be played virtually, all the components of the game are virtual as well. Since the first launch of online bingo gambling in 1996, it has long been improving and becoming more developed as the years go by. If you have been playing them by this time, then you know how they satisfy your bingo cravings in the comforts of your own home. In those early years though, features were obviously not as updated as the ones that you will find in the PHP-365 online bingo sites today. As the years progress, it is not only the features and the game that has been improving and developing, but also the number of people playing online bingo games has also been steadily growing. So yes, it remains to be that highly sociable and enthralling game even as an online version.

Meanwhile, with online bingo games, there is no physical or literal random picking of bingo balls. Instead, online bingo sites like PHP-365 makes use of Random Number Generators or RNG’s in place of the bingo balls selection. This is actually a virtual modernization of the game that can be quite reliable. While there are online bingo games that are just for entertainment purposes, there are also online bingo sites with online bingo gambling where the player can win real money. Most of these sites also offer tournaments for the players to compete in and for them to be able to win more exciting prizes of value. At the end of the day, what is being offered to you is easy entertainment with a chance of actually winning real money.

While online bingo games may seem similar to those online casino games and online bingo sites because they usually have chat features to assist the player with their concerns, the game itself is not as much of a casino game. Online bingo sites have become more than just online bingo gambling venues. It offers a sense of community among players where interaction and camaraderie are fostered – very much like the bingo events in your local community or bingo venues where you often play with the other regulars. Players compete with each other, but once the game round has ended, they can interact with each other and foster good relationships with like-minded people. With such sense of fellowship among players, customers of online bingo sites tend to stay – for both the game, and the crowd. Only this time, it is not just limited to a certain locality because players can be from anywhere in the world.

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Playing online bingo games

Just like any other games out there, virtual or conventional, there are always different variations of a certain game. And online bingo games in this sense are not an exception. You will find that some online bingo sites may feature different games compared to the other game sites. And this is true for both the free games and the online bingo gambling for real money games. Either way, you are sure to enjoy yourself at Fachai for all your gaming needs and wants. The free games are nice when you are just trying to relax. But if you want to real money, then that option is available for you as well.

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The online bingo gaming market offers varied gaming experiences to its players and all that is left for you to do is explore every bit of them. There are many varieties of online bingo games that you can explore. You may also note that for online bingo gambling, some bingo game rooms do offer inexpensive games compared to others. Of course, the prize money might also be lower than those that are a bit costly. However, this kind of option is customer friendly since it is able to offer alternatives and may be able to reach the different players. After all, bingo is a game enjoyed by a considerable number of players coming from a vast demographic. So do not hesitate to give it a shot and choose the one which suits your specific budget or winning desires. No one will judge you when play at PHP-365 because our only goal is your utmost entertainment and full satisfaction.

Whether it’s the free online bingo games you’re playing with or the online bingo gambling for the real money version, playing it virtually has the same basic concepts. When playing online bingo games, there is the auto-daub feature. This is feature aids in creating a more user friendly game by making it easier. This feature is like an automatic marker. As soon as the number is called, it automatically marks off that number in the player’s card. So enabling that feature is like actually having an automatic marker that crosses it out for you. At PHP-365, we are almost sure that you will love this feature. All you have to do is just look at your card and wait for the results.

Meanwhile, there are also other stuff that online bingo games might feature that can look forward to as you dig deeper in your exploration. Among these are the Best Card Sorting feature, and the Best Card Highlighting feature. These features are designed to make the playing experience much easier and more convenient for you as the player. With having such features, the players’ cards are then sorted and then highlighted and ranked according to the closest to winning bingo. In this way, you won’t get cross eyed or get confused over your cards. Instead, you can excitedly shout bingo when the time is right!

How does online bingo games work?

Thankfully, the rules in both traditional and online bingo are the same and they are never that complicated. The main objective is for you to get all the numbers in the row on the card. The row can be in a diagonal line, horizontal line, or vertical line – much like the physical bingo cards that you might have played with in the past. There is also what others refer to as “black out”, wherein it is no longer a line but the entire card itself that needs all the numbers marked or blacked out. Since it does not have to follow a particular pattern, most players like it because it seems to give them more chances to win online bingo games as compared with those other patterns that have to be followed strictly. The first player that can get all the numbers in the card wins. The host or caller, calls out the numbers picked in random, and the players mark the called out letters on their cards.


The only difference online bingo games have when compared to the classic traditional version, is that instead of cards (that look like flashcards), the players play on virtual bingo cards, also sometimes referred to as bingo tickets. In online bingo gaming, when the game round starts, the bingo ball appears, and each has a daub bonus timer. Once the timer ends, another bingo ball appears. That’s the cycle. In the virtual version, there is no longer a host or caller, instead it is this bingo ball and a daub timer. Players must daub and check the formations that have been made on their virtual bingo cards. Online bingo games are actually timed. So players must score as much as they can within that time frame. In online bingo, when a pattern is formed, the player taps on the “bingo” button to signify that they have reached a possible winning. The player with the highest score wins the game round. Sounds fairly easy, right?

For those who want to level up and play with real money, online bingo gambling is also available. This one can really spice things up for you because now, you are not only doing it for fun but there’s also something at stake that you are playing for. Like in any gambling situation, you can win or lose so you have to be prepared to take both. If you are the type who would go all out to win or want more fun with your online bingo games, then this should be something that you should try.

And so, if you are playing online bingo gambling, practice games offered for free can help you sharpen your skills first. Again, they are free, so don’t hesitate to give a shot. Like many other online games, virtual bingo also has tournaments where players can join in and participating in it might actually give them a chance to win and earn real money as the prizes. So technically, the online bingo gaming experience is unlike other online gambling experience. It is simpler, more relaxed, yet still offers the opportunity for the player to be able to play for real money winnings.

Is Playing Online Bingo Games Legal?

d628710d-e459-4c96-96b7-adefd37da9f5.jpeg The legality of the game is usually because of its gambling factor. And as everyone knows, it only becomes gambling if the player wagers on something. Hence online bingo games are not generally considered gambling. Online bingo sites, though, that offers online bingo gambling for real money are what can be considered for the legality issue. So if you are playing the free online bingo games apps in your phones or computers, you don’t really need to worry if it is legal or not. However if you play to win the prize – which is real money, then you probably must consider its legality in your area.

The good news is, online bingo games are legal in most places. However, in some countries or states, it can be considered a grey area that still needs to be addressed. In the United Kingdom for instance, traditional and online bingo games are considered to be one of the most common pastimes of the people, and of course, it is legal to play them there. Since it is a game of chance, it is considered to be something like a lottery in game form rather than a casino game.

In other countries like the Philippines, bingo is an especially popular game especially among older people. There are no laws prohibiting traditional and online bingo games in the country. However, in the United States of America, there are some states might still consider online bingo games as gambling thus is covered by their laws prohibiting such. Hence, some states may allow and others may not. To date, only a few states has recognized online bingo as a legal way of winning or earning money. This, however, does change from time to time since laws also get updated and reconsidered. So before deciding to join in a real money online bingo game, try checking out its legality status in your area first.

Why are online bingo games so popular these days?

Why are online bingo games so popular these days.jpg Since online bingo games were launched way back in the year 1996, it has seen such exponential growth that today, you can safely say that it’s not just hundreds or thousands playing it on their phones and PCs; it’s actually millions. Yes you heard that right - millions or maybe even billions. Nobody is really counting and what with the proliferation of online bingo sites and their widespread use. Worldwide, the number of online bingo games players is at an estimated 1.2 million. It can sound unbelievable since bingo has always been around but it’s not as popular with everyone as it is with the older generations.

Most can even picture out grandmothers and grandfathers playing this game in community halls, fairs, or church events. But today, the online bingo gaming market is booming and it doesn’t discriminate as to age or gender anymore. Besides, once you give it a try and find out how relaxing online bingo games can be, then there is no turning back. What could be the reasons why its popularity continues to soar?

• Mobility. Don’t you just love it when you can bring all that you need with you in a tiny box? These days anything that is can be brought along with you – may it be work, hobbies, games, tools, etc…, is what is saleable. That is why mobile phones is like an extension of almost every person you know these days because mostly everything they need is there. The apps they need to complete and function at work; the apps they need to create stuff for their social media posts; the various gaming apps to help them relax and pass the time; their communication tool to the world; and the list goes on and on. Online bingo games are virtual and can be played anytime, anywhere! If the player wants to go with online bingo gambling, as long as you have good internet connection, you can access online bingo sites and play. Now this is something that players like.

**• 24/7 Access. ** The thing about conventional bingo halls is that it has operating hours. Just like any store or business, it opens and closes at a certain time. But when you play online bingo games, these sites are accessible anytime, whenever the player wishes to play and doesn’t need to adjust to the opening hours of the bingo hall. This flexibility is one thing that online bingo gambling offers that has become captivating to the crowd and as a result, has more players coming to try it out. The world today is functioning 24/7. Depending on your lifestyle, you can be up while others are sleeping, and vice versa. There are jobs that are in the graveyard shift, and there is the conventional 9 to 5. With online bingo and PHP-365 being accessible 24/7, the player can play any time he wants to. Another positive feature of embracing the online culture.

• Just at the Tip of your Fingertips. Everything seems to be just a click (or two) away these days. The instantaneity of things these days has become the norm. Online bingo gambling and online bingo sites have become easier to access because it is literally just a click away. People don’t mind waiting in queue, riding the bus or train, or waiting for their turn because they are no longer bored. Back in the days, people would bring a book to keep them company on situations like this. A book is nice but it is limited to only its content. Today with a mobile phone packed with your favorite apps, you can choose what to keep you company during these situations. And online bingo is one of these well-loved apps. It doesn’t need much thinking, it doesn’t need you to focus and analyze stuff, but it is entertaining and just fun – all at the tip of your fingertips. It’s a quick way to earn money too if you wish to go for online bingo gambling while waiting in queue or riding the bus.

• Socialization. Unlike other games, especially gambling for real money games, online bingo games offer more than just the opportunity to win the prize money. The real jackpot here is actually for the players to be able to socialize with the other players in the online bingo sites. While these players compete with each other in the rounds of bingo games, these are also the players, who, after the game, can be friends with each other. It goes without saying that if you want to meet like-minded people, go to a place that offers what you enjoy. Chances are, the people you’ll see there are also the people who enjoys what that place offers. So with online bingo, these sites offer more than just the game or the prize. It offers the chance to be able to socialize and make friends with individuals who share the same ideas, interests and even hobbies with you.

What shaped online bingo games as a trend today

It has been quite a challenging couple of years since the onset of the pandemic. And believe it or not, the pandemic actually played a key role in propelling online bingo games into its growing popularity. Before the pandemic, bingo wasn’t as sought after as other games. It was just a game that was just always there, but not really sought after. It was a game for the older members of the community and was viewed as “outdated” by the younger individuals. But that story had its twist when most people were locked down in their homes and going out was very limited. People had no choice but to limit social interactions and going to physical bingo events were not a good option anymore. However, while a lot of other businesses and ventures have unfortunately closed down as an effect of the pandemic, the fate of online bingo games and online bingo gambling were at the opposite end of the pole. It actually thrived! Why so? Here are some of most significant reasons that are worthy of your reflection:

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**• The pandemic triggered the rise of the virtual and online lifestyle. **Because of the pandemic, everything suddenly shifted to doing things virtually and online. Work suddenly was 90% using online platforms, transactions suddenly became cashless, and entertainment and recreation took a big virtual turn. Food delivery services suddenly became a trend and a thriving business because people preferred to stay home and have things brought to them instead of going out and getting it themselves. The online gaming apps like PHP-365 online casino also thrived because people needed to do something while at home. And apart from work, what else is there to do? Of course, they needed some fun. While some people went for intense games, most people just wanted something light like online bingo games. Also it’s a game that is not complex to learn and do, hence online bingo gambling also became popular over the pandemic. It made bingo gambling still accessible for them to enjoy despite the sudden lifestyle limitations brought about by the onset of the pandemic.

• The constant and frequent lockdowns. At the onset of the pandemic, there were frequent lockdowns. People suddenly couldn’t freely get out of their homes, let alone go to the supermarket to get groceries. Everything was so restricted. Online games helped people feel a sense of normalcy during this time. Even months or a year after the first lockdown, restrictions were still being imposed. However, the effect of the lockdown was only physical. Online, everything went on normally. Online bingo gambling and PHP-365 casino were still possible despite being “locked” in one’s home.

• The restrictions in various locations. Gatherings under one roof were prohibited, unless you belong to the same household. The classic game of bingo is usually held in community halls, church events, and fairs. With the restrictions imposed regarding crowds gathering in one place or under one roof, this has made traditional bingo and other games of the sort impossible to have. But with online bingo sites offering the game, it has become possible despite the limitations presented because of the pandemic. Bingo no longer was a game just for the grannies. The younger generations seemed to have noticed it and shown interest in it. Online bingo gambling became a pastime for these members of the community, and free online bingo games also became popular among these generations.

**• Coping with the pandemic and its effect on the community. **The pandemic had many effects on the members of the community and a lot were in a state wherein they just needed something to help them pass the time and just get them through this uncertain times. Online bingo sites and PHP-365 casino Philippines offered people a way to keep themselves entertained and take their mind off the nasty pandemic. Some days they were met with bad news, some days it was just an ordinary pandemic day. But one thing’s for sure, the pandemic has a way of exhausting the people with the uncertainty it brought with it. Since online bingo is not a complex game, it was a good enough game that helped calm the minds of the people. Also, since online bingo games are brought up a notch by the game developers, it has become a faster paced and time-based version of the classic game. This offered the online players something new and made the online version interesting enough for them to keep on playing it.

**• The social distancing and health protocols. ** Even after the pandemic’s restrictions has slowly been lifted, minimal health protocols and social distancing were there to stay. Gatherings will never go back to the way it used to before the pandemic started. This helped the client retention of online bingo sites. Some people were itching to go out and have small gatherings in community events and church parties. However, there are also some people who were still hesitant and preferred to stay home. Health protocols changed every now and then, depending on the situation of the area. This is another reason why online bingo games seem to keep on thriving and growing in popularity. Especially that they have been enjoying and getting used to playing virtual bingo games for the past couple of years, it has become the way to go. People can worry less about the hazards of the times and are allowed to just enjoy and relax at the comforts of their homes.

**• The Working at Home effect. ** With almost every aspect of one’s life shifting into the online and virtual alternative, one of the main shifts was almost every job that could be done remotely did so. At first people enjoyed working at home. However as the pandemic dragged on, they realized that the home used to be their refuge to relax once they got out of work. Suddenly, their refuge was also their office venue and some even felt plugged in 24/7. In short, there was no longer time for them to recharge, relax, and rejuvenate. Slowly they discovered online bingo sites and it made a difference. It became a not-so-complex game that they could play if they want to take a breather from their work. It wasn’t addicting since it plays by rounds and as soon as the round was over, they could easily get back to their tasks.

There’s a reason why bingo was dubbed “a game for the grannies”. That is because only retired individuals had the privilege of being able to play bingo as long as they wanted. It was great to pass the time and it was a great game for people who had a lot of time to spare. Individuals who were in the working age group didn’t have the luxury to spend time playing it, thus opted for other games instead. Something fast paced, convenient, and easily accessible. However with the development of online bingo games, it has become accessible and convenient enough for the younger, working individuals. Its fast paced feature also helps in its marketing to the younger people making it more appealing to them. Also online bingo gambling is also appealing to those who are still working since they still have steady income coming in. Virtual bingo has become one of the gaming apps that have been helping the working individuals in between breaks, recharging them during their time to relax.

**• Real cash prizes offered to the players. ** Winning is always attractive to any player. But winning real cash prizes at PHP-365 is even more alluring. Bingo is considered a game of chance and is more compared to a lottery in game form rather than a casino game that is associated with gambling. It is legal is most places and is easy to play. You don’t need the skills and analytics of playing poker or the likes. So to be able to play a good game of bingo with a chance of winning real money, who doesn’t want to give it a try, right? Part of the popularity of online bingo games was shaped by the notion of being able to win real money. And this surely was a way to keep the players coming back. Mind you, it is not impossible to win at this one. If you have won in the past, you would know the excitement of having to be the one to shout bingo! If you have experienced losing in the past, well, that has not stopped you from keeping on going, has it?

The lowdown on playing online bingo games

So when it comes to online bingo games, you can be pretty sure that it is here to stay to give you excitement, pure entertainment, sociability, a sense of community, and the almost sure-fire chances of winning at some point. The online bingo gaming market doesn’t show signs of slowing down. It has just started in becoming a newly discovered fun and entertaining pastime for young professionals, newly retired individuals, and middle-aged members of the community.

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Online bingo sites are continuously being updated and improved by its developers, making sure it is keeping up with the demands of its current players. Times change, trends change, and the developers are highly aware of that. Thus, they make sure that the online bingo games available to the different players, no matter what age bracket they belong to, will be having a good gaming experience whenever they decide to play a round, or two, or event three, of online bingo. So if you are someone who isn’t sure if this is for you, why don’t you give it a try? Go ahead and download the game – it might just be what you’re looking for.